sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015

The end :(

Hi guys, I think this is the goodbye. The last entry, I’m kind of sad actually, because was super fun to me write the post every week. Besides, this helped me in some issues that I had, whit grammar and I learned some new words.

In general the experience was fun, I enjoyed very much, especially when we had to talk about our favorite things. That was the best! I also enjoyed comment in my classmates blogs, because that way I know them a little better.

I like this kind of work because we learn to write and uderstand the text, and through this we can learn grammar and all of the stuff tha we learn, jajaja actually I don’t remember the names.

In the future, if we have English 4 together, I like we can do more oral expositions, because that help us to develope in a new level of learn a language.

I’d love to write more about our hobby or the places we like to go. About our friends and and family. That would be great, besides we learn more and more about our classmates.

I really enjoyed this class, despite was so late and on Friday! If the class had been boring, it would have been awful. For our luck, was fun and full of laughs!

Maybe we see each other the next semester in English 4, I really hope so!

Cheers and happy end of the semester! Be strong for this last month <3 

I'm going home 

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2015

My favorite place!

Hi guys, today topic is “My favorite place”, I think that is a difficult decision to make, beacause in my life I knew so many beautiful places, that I love going back. But, depite that, I think my favorite place is the beach. Any beach, in any region of the country. I just love the sound of the waves, the breeze and the calm that feels there.

I love going to the beach during the Winter, when the wind is strong and the sky is cloudy. That is the better place to think and meditate. I also love going during the summer, when is sunny and the heat makes you want to swimming in the sea.

My favorite beach is “Caleta de Horcón”, I used to go there when I was little, in the summer to the  house of my grandfather. There, I spent the best vacations of my childhood, surrounded by my cousins, whit whom I played.

The last time I went there was two years ago, and I miss that place so much. I hope this summer I can go with my cousins again, this time all of us grown ups.

Maybe some of you know Horcón, or Las Ventanas (where the kids was intoxicated with the smoke of a Waste Plant). It’s super close to Quintero, and it is in the fifth region of Valparaiso. 

Me, when I had three years old, in Niebla beach, Valdivia. 

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Music that I like

Hi classmates!

Today’s topic is super interesting for me, because I love music. Actually, a month ago my mother washed a jacket with my MP3 inside the pocket, and he died. I feel so sad about it, because my long trips from home was so boring L

But today’s blog is about good music, at least what we found good. My favorite artist is Lana del Rey. A lot of people find her too slow and boring, but she is a goddess. I love her lyrics and her voice. In 2013 I had the opportunity of seeing her in concert, in the Movistar arena. Was amazing! Her show is so intimate, so calm, with a lot of lights and good musicians. Her last album, “Honeymoon”, is very good, but I’m still in love with her second album “Ultraviolence”.

Lana del Rey 

Lana is an Indie singer, but I like a lot of other types of music, from “System of a down” to Violeta Parra. I like hear everything. A band that I liked a lot is 30 Seconds to Mars, I saw them live last year, and it was super fun.

Lately I been listen a lot of electronic music, motivates me. My favorite DJ is Avicii, I hope he come soon. A duet that I love is Die Antwoord, a South African band, who makes some like “zef” music, a mix between rap and some weird voice of the woman of the duet. They are super interesting!

Cheers guys! 

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

“La media clase”

Hello guys, last year, for “reporteo” signature, with a group of five classmates, we make a website called “La media clase”.  The theme of it was make some articles and reports of what is the meaning of being a popular person, in the sense of live in the periphery or feel of the populace.

All of us were so excited about it, actually we have a really good grade and we make a lot of very funny articles, and some videos too. My friend Nicol and I wanted follow with de website but the end of the semester and the vacations make that none of us have time for make the articles.

In March of this year we try bringing the website back, but none of the guys, except for us, have the interest in keep going L

I still believe that “La media clase” can be a really good media, just need people who want work and make a good job, with a lot of laughs, like what we have last year.

“La media clase” is the project that I enjoyed the most in these two years of career, was so fun work with friends and in a project that I feel so identified.

Have a great weekend, cheers! 

here the link of the website: https://lamediaclase.wordpress.com/

here the link of a video that we make, always bring us a lot of laughs: https://www.facebook.com/La-Media-Clase-721814521258690/?fref=ts

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

My furry babies

Hi guys, today i’m going to talk about my pets. I have two dogs, one cocker and one poodle. Both are black, and they are the most beautiful puppies on the world.

The cocker name is Kako, and we have him since april of 2014. He was just a baby when he came home, and was a “gift” of my auntie. Is a really funny story, because she was walking home when she found Kako in the street, so she decided to give us the little puppy-

My other dog name is Mota, she is a little older and as a coincidence, she also was a gift from my aunt, and she was found the same way that Kako, but a few years earlier.

Both are like babies, actually they sleep on the bed with us. They have clothes for the cold winter and get a bath a few times a month.  But they don’t like that much. Kako always make a mess in the entire house.

They are super special to me, and are my company when I’m alone. I love them.

I leave you a photo of them. Cheers! 


viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

My favorite picture of all time!

Hello classmates, this picture is very very personal and I found it just a few days ago, actually I uploaded to Facebook because I think is then most beautiful photo that was taken of my brother, my father and me.

In the picture I had like two years and my brother had twelve, so is was taken in 1997 or 1998.  He had recently been operated of his legs, so in that photo he was in plaster from the hips to below. My father looks so much younger and fat that he is now, and Iwas  just a baby.  Perhaps I’m too young in the photo, but this brings me a lot of memories of my brother.

This picture had been taken by my mother, because she is not in there, so the most probably is that she was the photographer of the moment.

The reasons why I love this photo are just a few, but super important for me. I’m with my father and brother and represent a beautiful time of my childhood. I love it <3 

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

My favorite movie (more than one)

Hello again guys!
This time I’m going to talk about one of my favorite topics (my friends knows it) movies and series. I’m an addict to see movies, actually, in the summer I can see two or three movies per day. I just love it. I like all kinds of cinema, since independents films to the silliest romantic comedy. But if I have to choose one as my favorite I wouldn’t do it, are so many good movies! So I left you two of my favorites-

The fight club, this movie is starring by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Is from 1999 and the director is David Fincher, a really great filmmaker. All his work is like psychological thrillers and that is very interesting for me.

Other film that I love is Jeux d’enfants, a French film starring by Marion Cotillard and it’s from 2003. Is a pretty romantic movie but with a twist in the story that make it super fun to watch. Is about a couple of friends who plays all their lives with a little candy box. That box works as a proof of their courage, and take them for the craziest adventures trough their lives.  And the most important, have a really really unexpected end! You have to watch it!

That’s all for this week, I would love talk more about movies, but sadly are just 140 words for this post.

Cheers and have a great weekend!